Listening First.

I. Needs Assessment

This is where we take the time to listen and listen well. We want to know about all of your needs, the scope of the project, the budget, timelines, communication systems, and more.

II. Strategy Development

We take the notes from our Needs Assessment and our team develops a strategy to complete your project within or under budget, and on time. In working with stakeholders; we create a plan of action to guide the project from start to finish.

III. Strategy Presentation

We present the plan of action to your team and answer any questions that you may have on moving forward. Once we’re aligned, we’ll engage in the contract, onboard you with all relevant information, and begin the work.

Once the project launches, we track each phase to manage expectations and appropriately guide your program or project. We will engage in regular communication for status updates. We maintain effective lines of communication that keep all stakeholders informed.

IV. Project Launch & Tracking

The day has finally arrived. Once the project is complete, we will conduct a joint walk through canvassing the project and making sure everything meets the specifications.

V. Project Completion

We’ll review as-built drawings for accuracy, provide a summary, and manual that discusses the circumstances and events that were addressed throughout the project, as documentation.

VI. Project Summary