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Engaging Church Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising can make or break the budgets of church construction projects. I always caution churches on the types of fundraising methods used. Many times churches use fundraising efforts that don’t raise a lot of money. However, they do get the congregation enthusiastic and engaged in the construction funding process.

One Big No-No

Some things that I don’t recommend are events such as fish frys and others of a similar nature. They tend not to be cost effective when you’re raising money for a large expansion program. However, they are effective for interactive communication and comradeship among the congregation.

Do This and Get Momentum

A part of the fundraising effort that is missed by many churches is the opportunity to engage as many people in the church as possible. I advise churches to create a participatory fundraising process that is rewarding from an emotional standpoint.

One of the best ways to do this is to set up different committees where people can contribute talents and treasures directly. For example, the church can set up a music-and-audio committee or the interior-design committee. Members of the music-and-audio committee would participate in the selection of sound systems and audio-visual equipment for the renovated or new spaces.

Members in the interior-design committee would select the finishes and fixtures with the design team; thins such as the carpet, the tile, paint color, toilet partition, door hardware, and furniture style. This is a good way to get members of the church involved in the fundraising efforts. The focus is to gain buy-in from as many people in different areas of the church as possible.

Find as many ways as possible to engage as many people in the congregation in the building and design of your facility and the fundraising of the facility.

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David Hunt